Normally, admission is given only to Pre-L.K.G and STD V. However, depending on the availability of seats/ vacancies, admissions to other classes also may be made. The prospectus and registration form will be issued from the last week of January and made valid only for that particular academic year.

  1. Registration for admission must be made on the prescribed form issued along with the Prospectus.
  2. The registration form is valid only for a period of one month from date of issue. The form is not transferable.
  3. Filled –in application forms must reach the Principal within seven days from the date of issue.
  4. All students seeking admission must enclose Photostat copies of the Birth certificate/ Transfer Certificate.
    1. A student seeking admission to Pre-L.K.G should have completed 2 Years 10 Months by June.
    2. A student seeking admission to L.K.G should have completed 3 Years 10 Months by June.
    3. A student seeking admission to U.K.G should have completed 4 Years 10 Months by June.
    4. A student seeking admission to I Std. should have completed 1 Years 10 Months by June.
    5. Statement of Marks of progress in class from the previous school must be submitted.
  5. Securing and filling in of the registration form does not guarantee admission. It will be considered only if Seats/ Vacancies are available.
  6. Registration forms which do not give the necessary information will not be accepted.
  7. Students seeking admission may be required to appear for an entrance test in Mathematics, Science and in Languages like English/ Kannada on a specified date. (Except for admissions to KG section)
  8. Students who are provisionally selected will have to attend an interview along with both the parents/ guardian on the date mentioned in the intimation card/ letter.
  9. At the time of admission the following Original Certificates must be submitted without fail
    1. Originals of all the certificate mentioned in No.4
    2. Transfer certificate from the school last attended (*TC and mark sheets of students from outside the State should be countersigned by the inspecting officer of the area concerned)
    3. Conduct certificate.
    4. Statement of Marks.
  10. Failure to submit even one of the above mentioned certificates may result in forfeiting the admission.
  11. If discrepancies are found in the certificates, admission will be cancelled with immediate effect.


1. Students are admitted at Montfort School on the understanding that they will remain in the school at least for the entire academic year.
2. However, Parents desirous of withdrawing their children before the end of the academic year may do so, by giving a requisition in writing.
3. The fees paid will not be refunded. Students who discontinued their studies will not give a promoted TC.


  1. No recommendations will be entertained for admission or for any other favours.
  2. Fees once paid cannot be taken back. After admissions are made, fees will not be refunded.
  3. 95% attendance is compulsory for all students from Pre-L.K.G to Class X.
  4. Students are advised not to bring to the school any valuables, such as Gold chains, cameras, mobile phones, or any other articles of value. The school authorities will not be responsible for the loss/ damage of such personal belongings.
  5. Damage done to school property, buildings, furniture, window panes, lights, library books, sports equipment and goods, buses and Laboratory equipments will entail a fine.
  6. Uniform prescribed must be strictly followed.
  7. School buses are only a convenience and it is used by children who are in need of it. The transportation fees prescribed may change if required by unforeseen requirements.
  8. The school will meet only the parents concerned, or guardians only authorized by parents of the pupil. No other persons will be entertained at anytime.
  9. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school in all respects for the benefit of the students and the welfare of the institution. This will help the authorities to bring out the best in every child entrusted to the institution.
  10. Parents are expected to look into the overall performance and holistic development of the child, rather than limiting their concern to the marks in the exam.


1. School fee once remitted, will not be refunded.
2. Students have to remit the school fee in two instalments given below:-
a. First Instalment - During admission (60%)
b. Second Instalment - September first week (40%)
3. Failure to pay the school fee within the prescribed dates will attract a late fee of rupees 50 per day till 20th of that month.


1. Bus fare is charged for 10 calendar months.
2. Bus fare once remitted, will not be refunded.
3. Students have to remit the bus fare two instalments as given below:-
a. First Instalment - During admission (50%)
b. Second Instalment - September first week (50%)
4. Failure to pay the bus fare within the prescribed dates will not be allowed to travel by school bus.

Parent- Teacher Meeting

Parent- Teacher Meeting (P.T.A) will be held once in 2 Months.
Note:- Parents/guardians are advised to meet the teachers during 2nd and 4th Saturday’s of every month between 11.50am to 12.30pm.

Other restrictions in school:-

• Chewing gum is prohibited in the campus.
• Periodicals and books of low moral standards are not permitted inside the school.
• Organizing or attending meetings in the school campus or collection of funds without the written permission of the Principal is forbidden.
• Students are advised not to bring valuables such as gild chains, cameras, I pad, Discman, costly watches or other such articles. The school will not be responsible for the loss of such belongings.
• Students are not allowed to possess or use cell phones in the school campus.