Montfort Vidyasagar is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, from Pre-LKG to Class X with Affl.No.830404-MS-00593-1011/351043


Value Education Value Education Value Education
English 3R’s of Reading, Writing & Arithmetic English
Kannada English Kannada
Hindi Kannada & Hindi Mathematics
Mathematics Mathematics Social Science
General Knowledge Social Science Science
Physical Education Science Information Technology
Colouring Computer Physical Education
Recitation General Knowledge Art & Craft
Storytelling Physical Education Dance
Activity Art & Craft Yoga
Clay work Dance
Vocabulary Yoga

School House System

In order to create team spirit, co-operative attitude and friendly competitive tendency, the students are divided into four houses namely, Marian (Green), Montfort (Yellow) Gabriel (Blue) and Vishveshwaraiah (Red). All the school activities, Academics, sports, games and cultural activities are conducted on Inter House basis.

As the academic progresses students are informed about the number of points owned by each house. The ends of the academic year awards are given to each house according to their performances.


There are various clubs to enhance the students’ knowledge’s and bring about a healthy competitive spirit among them.

1. Language ( English/Kannada/Hindi) club
2. Science club 6. Social club
3. Cultural club 7. Mathematics club
4. Art & Craft club 8. Eco club
5. Sports club 9. History club


1. CLASS ROOM:- We have well equipped class rooms for Pre-LKG to Class X. The tiny tots are given an opportunity to develop their intellectual and psycho motor skills by using the play way method and making learning a fun oriented activity.
2. FACULTY:- We believe in teacher development as much as in student development. Teachers are facilitators in the learning process. So, internal & external workshops, Seminars and advanced training programmes are regularly conducted to improve their teaching facility.
3. MEDICAL FACILITIES:- Montfort Vidyasagar has a well equipped infirmary that can render first aid. Students who hurt themselves or fall sick on the campus will be administered first aid at the school medical centre and the parent will be informed. In case of an emergency, the parent will be informed immediately and the student will be evacuated to the hospital as per the requirement.
4. SCHOOL LIBRARY:- An extensive and spacious library provides ample opportunities for the students to cultivate their reading habits. A separate library period is also allotted in the time table. Students are encouraged to make use of the lending facility.
5. LABORATORIES:- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science labs are well equipped for practical work.
6. SMART CLASSES:- Traditional classrooms where learning essentially takes place are transformed to interactive learning centers where the teachers can utilize various digital aids, audio- visual aids and demonstrations to assist in the teaching process.
7. SPORTS AND GAMES:- For the overall development of the students, various sports activities are conducted. We have well trained staff to conduct the various disciplines in an innovative way. Well laid play field provide opportunities for students to practice Volley Ball and Throw Ball. “Sports – Day” is an annual event and it usually wins big acclaim from all the spectators.
8. ART & CRAFT:- Classes are conducted on a regular basis to bring out the students’ innate skills and aesthetic talents. They take part in various competitions through the year.
9. DANCE:- Special coaching is provided for Indian Classical dances like Bharatanatyam.


Opportunities Activities are given through the various clubs to participate in competitions, sports and games, dance, music, drama and art. Students will always be encouraged to develop both individual skills as well as team dynamics. Clubs at Montfort Vidyasagar would cater to all-round development of the children, quiz, and adventure.